Change Order Reference


The Change Order Reference module changes the order code to your own numeric range

  • With the module, you can change the order code / reference according to the settings for a simpler overview in the administration.
  • Possibility to automatically generate different series in each year.
  • By selecting an integer value, the order reference can also be used as a variable symbol for non-cash payments.
Change Order Reference - Prestashop 1.7 Change Order Reference - Prestashop 1.6 Change Order Reference - Prestashop 1.5

Volume discounts

Quantity Discount You Save
2 10% Up to Kč70.00
4 15% Up to Kč210.00
6 20% Up to Kč420.00
8 25% Up to Kč700.00

What is the module suitable for?

  • Change the order code according to your requirements
  • Clearer subsequent display of the reference code both for customers and in your order statement
  • the possibility of using the reference number also as a variable symbol
  • another sequential series with the possibility of identification according to the e-shop


What options does the module have?

The module has a very simple and intuitive settings that allow you to set the order code for a few clicks, including:

  • direct preview of the code immediately after the selected selection before saving it (very fast and clear settings)
  • checking whether the code is valid so as to guarantee its subsequent generation in the e-shop
  • full support for the latest versions of Prestashop
  • trouble-free installation, the module is programmed with the latest techniques corresponding to today's standards
  • option to set up automatic notification of module updates
  • multistore support

Therefore, you will find everything necessary to change the generation of the order reference. You can easily start the module with a few clicks.

Examples of generated codes

  • option for number sequence from:    1) random number     2) order number      3) number of orders placed in a given year
  • current year as a prefix in four- or two-digit form
  • custom prefix e.g. for shop resolution
  • possibility of alignment to a nine-digit shape where zeros are added to the number sequence in the required number
  • e.g. a code consisting of current yearprefixorder number                         202190123
  • e.g. a code consisting of current year shortenedprefixorder number     219000123 
  • e.g. a code consisting of prefix, current year shortenedorder number     921000123 
  • e.g. a code consisting of order number to nine positions                              000000123
  • e.g. a code consisting of order number no alignment                                    123
  • and many other combinations that can be set in this way in the module

Module License

Purchase the module you agree to thelicense terms. The license allows the module to run on only one domain. For an unlimited license or more information contact us.

  • Easy and easy to set parameters for generating order codes
    Modul pro změnu referenčního čísla objednávky

  • The resulting output after setting up the module
    Modul pro změnu reference / kódu objednávky


Data sheet

Prestashop 1.5.x
Prestashop 1.6.x
Prestashop 1.7.x

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