Prestashop module - GoPay Payment gateway - online card payments, online bank transfers, Google Pay, Apple Pay.
  • Prestashop module - GoPay Payment gateway - online card payments, online bank transfers, Google Pay, Apple Pay.

GoPay - payment gateway


The payment gateway that allows you to pay by card, online transfer and use PayPal. It supports a wide range of currencies: CZK, EUR, USD, BGP, HUF, PLN, BGN, RON, HRK. With our module, you can integrate it with two clicks.

GoPay - payment gateway - Prestashop 1.5 GoPay - payment gateway - Prestashop 1.6 GoPay - payment gateway - Prestashop 1.7 GoPay - payment gateway - Prestashop 1.7

Volume discounts

Quantity Discount You Save
2 10% Up to Kč170.00
4 15% Up to Kč510.00
6 20% Up to Kč1,020.00
8 25% Up to Kč1,700.00

About GoPay

GoPay payment gateway enables to finish a payment directly on your web site by card, online bank transfer or PayPal. So you will get more satisfied customers and completed orders.

Advantage! Possibility to hide the module during testing

Based on the licenses that we sold, we found that many customers installed a module on an already running eshop. Which means you either have to turn off your eshop or setting the module during customer traffic. Of course, the customer sees and may want to use this payment method, even if the payment gateway is only in test mode. That's why we integrated the feature that shows the module in the eshop based on the IP address. This ensures that the eshop manager sees and can use the module as a customer, but customers will not see this payment method. After proper testing of payment methods, these methods can be made visible to all customers in one click.


The module integrates a wide range of features that maximize the potential of GoPay:

  • The customer will be able to pay by credit card immediately after the order is created
  • GoPay also allows you to pay via online bank transfer, via PayPal and crypt
  • It is possible to pay in different currencies (that you have active in GoPay), other currencies are converted according to the course
  • The module is fully integrated into your eshop, payment can be made directly to your eshop without having to redirect to the GoPay (REST API)
  • The module also support EET
  • Money can be returned to customers for a credit card (eg return of goods)

You'll find everything you need in one module. You simply run the module in a few clicks.


Module options

  • Choice of test/full mode, including validation of login data
  • Possibility to hide the module before customers and still test it as a customer
  • Pairing a variable symbol on an order ID
  • You can choose on which carrier the module will display (for example, I do not want to be able to pay with an online card when I pick up at a branch)
  • Inline payment gate - a gate in the eshop (the background darkens, but it is still visible eshop)
  • Option to set custom text for payment
  • Customize the appearance of the payment buttons + 3 different templates
  • Choice of payment methods that a customer can use (e.g., to only allow PayPayl and Cryptomenias)
  • Set the minimum order value from which the payment method is displayed
  • Recurring payments (periodic payments)
  • pre-authorized payments (for example, when booking goods that are still in stock, the amount will be withdrawn when needed)
  • Allow EET (must be set on the GoPay side)


You simply run the module in a few clicks. No special installation instructions are needed.

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Data sheet

Prestashop 1.5.x
Prestashop 1.6.x
Prestashop 1.7.x
Prestashop 8+

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